Hi, I'm Lucy. Welcome to Good Habits.

I’m a health nerd and qualified Nutritionist (BNutr, Hons) based in Adelaide, Australia.

I believe our daily habits can shape our mental and physical health. We all want to find the most effective way to manage our weight, prevent disease and feel happy.

The only problem is that we have to compete with constant product marketing, clickbait articles on the latest fad diets and retouched Instagram idols.

It’s a strange time to be alive.

I’m here to share the latest health research and evidence-based strategies to help guide you in leading your best life.

I love food. I hope to spread the secret that you can enjoy life even more when practicing good habits. Let’s leave the million-dollar marketing strategies, miracle pills and starvation diets where they belong (in the trash).

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All the best,

Lucy x

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