How to reach your 2019 health goals.

How to reach your 2019 health goals.

We all do it; we guilt ourselves year-round about the things we could be doing better. Working harder, being a better friend or partner, and all whilst achieving all our health and fitness goals. We imagine ourselves drinking lemon water daily and living off green smoothies, salads and spiralisedzucchini “pasta”. We run marathons with our colleagues and do headstands on cliff edges, falling into backbends with ease in our free time.

News flash. We’re all lying. Nobody in their sane mind could love zucchini pasta more than real pasta. We’re all frauds and we’ve just been caught. The game is up.

For most, these goals are unrealistic. Before you get caught up in the over-edited life of health and fitness gurus on Instagram, please remind yourself what your long-term goals are in life. You want to be happy and healthy, right? Okay, now let’s break it down into some smaller goals. And don’t you dare make weight loss a goal. Losing weight is not that important to us, that’s exactly why we never succeed at it.

Preventing disease, being stronger, feeling capable, happy and satisfied. These are our best kind of motivators and these are what we should focus our health goals around. Don’t worry, the weight loss will follow and it will be so much less torturous.

Being healthy doesn’t look perfect. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, it should be enjoyable. 

Also, being healthy feels great. I promise you, there is no restriction, no additional expense, and no embarrassment when you go out to eat.

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