Reaching your health goals in 2019.

Reaching your health goals in 2019.

We all do it; we guilt ourselves year-round about the things we could be doing better. Working harder and being a better friend or partner, all while acing our health and fitness goals. We imagine ourselves drinking lemon water first thing each morning and live on green smoothies, salads and spiralised zucchini “pasta”. We run marathons with our colleagues and do headstands on cliff edges, falling into backbends with ease.

News flash. We’re all lying. Nobody in their sane mind could love zucchini pasta more than real pasta. We’re all frauds and we’ve just been caught. The game is up.

Before you get caught up in comparing yourself to the over-edited health and fitness cult leaders on Instagram, please remind yourself what your long-term goals are in life.

You want to be happy and healthy, right? Okay, now let’s break it down into some smaller, achievable goals. And don’t you dare make weight loss a goal. Losing weight is not that important to us, that’s exactly why we never succeed at it.

Preventing disease, being strong, feeling capable and proud of who we are as human beings. These are our best kind of motivators and these are what we should focus our health goals around. Don’t worry, the weight loss will follow and it will be so much less torturous.

Being healthy doesn’t need to look perfect. It doesn’t need to be a struggle. In fact, it absolutely should be enjoyable. If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong.

There is no need for restriction, no need to spend $$$, and no need to guilt yourself silly.

The more I learn as a nutritionist, the more I realise how important common sense is. I promote eating healthy food in abundance. Believe me, if you are eating mostly nutritious food, your hormones will let you know when you’re full. I believe intuitive eating is the best possible long-term way of eating for everyone, as it means we can let go of food anxiety and enjoy our eating experiences.

It can take your body a little while to adjust, and there are some ground rules we need to establish in the beginning, but it’s so worth it once you’re there. You can stop thinking about food altogether and just enjoy it!

I believe food should be a source of pleasure. I can’t wait to share some more info with you, because it’s very exciting, life-changing sort of stuff.

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I look forward to being a supportive pal on your health journey.

Also, just in case you’re interested, these are some of my health goals this year:

  1. Make exercise more exciting. Do three different types of exercise each week, e.g. swimming, running, yoga, walking, pilates, cycling, or boxing.

  2. Make more of an effort to hang out with people that make me feel good. Reach out to one person every week.

  3. Rediscover my love of cooking by finding some new favourite healthy meals. Try out a new recipe every weekend.

Lucy x

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